Sushi Koo in Los Angeles is the space where I first met JaVonté Pollard in person.

It all started with a tweet…

After a while of listening to his music, I tweeted at the neo-soul and rnb artist about how much I was into his music. Helium Balloon was the first to be on repeat:

I eventually messaged him and let him know that I would love to try any efforts to help boost his visibility through what I have been learning in school studying public relations. I drove down to meet JaVonté and have been in contact with him ever since.

When I first came across the artist who is JaVonté, I had to use my extensive music digging talents. For all who does not know, JaVonté is a recording artist that has been featured in multiple productions and tracks with Kendrick Lamar. He even has his own Grammy for being in three tracks on the Grammy award winning album, To Pimp A Butterfly.

That is only the beginning of it though. JaVonté has been featured on tracks with Kendrick dating back to Overly Dedicated. He has worked with another TDE resident, Ab-Soul, and has written for the likes of TGT and Xzhibit. He tours the country as a back up vocalist for Gladys Knight. But, he’s also worked with the likes of Iman Omari, Tae Beast, Terrace Martin, SiR, Alex Isley, Ill Camille, and others.

Recently, JaVonté’s latest track April’s Fool ft Mark Echols reached new heights when Stones Throw producer MNDSGN’s remix of the track landed on Solange Knowles’s record company blog, Saint Heron. Slowly but surely he is getting the recognition he’s deserved for the longest time.

JaVonté has one full EP “Where Have You Been” and a wide range of singles/covers floating around. His work in the industry should be the launching pad for anyone and everyone interested in hearing the foundation of the music they listen to. If you are avid Kendrick fan, you are already familiar with JaVonté’s sound. Get more familiar here:

JaVonté on Bandcamp