Steve Lacy

Steve Lacy now resides in a space where his music is propelled into grand spotlight.

The 18-year-old guitarist, vocalist and producer is becoming a household name ever since the release of his latest collaboration with Kendrick Lamar “PRIDE.” on K-Dot’s album Damn.

Steve Lacy started doing music with the band The Internet, led by Odd Future’s Syd tha Kid, in 2015. That year Ego Death released and was nominated for a Grammy. This makes Steve one of the few to ever co-produce a Grammy nominated album at 17. He started to release his own music that year and later would release the Steve Lacy EP this year.

His music is considered to be rnb/soul but I can honestly say some of it can also pass as alternative/indie. There is a certain wave from Lacy that is simple yet electric. In a recent WIRED video, Steve Lacy explains how he makes most of his music through an app where he plugs in his guitar into his phone. This is an innovative way to create music that effectively gets the job done.

Steve Lacy is young artist but has made big moves in the past two years. His fanbase continues to grow and we are all excited to see the different waves his music will produce in the time to come.