Nick Hakim

I honestly do not know where to begin because the sound projected by Nick Hakim is vintage yet pristine in many ways.

The alternative/indie artist originally from DC is an east coast native that creates soulful music on an entirely other wave. In his bio on Apple Music he is characterized as a “purposefully raw and redefined balladeer with an old soul”.

2014 was the year Nick Hakim released a few EPs. The first ballad for me to ever hear was off his EP “Where Will You Go”:

Once I heard this track I was purely hooked. I followed up with the instrumental “Papas Fritas” and immediately knew he was something special. The simplicity of his productions beautifully capture a meaningful resonance.

Over the years he developed a fan base that he entirely deserves. With his new album out, Nick Hakim will begin to tour and capture many more listeners by their ears.

By far my top live performance yet: