I never knew I could fall in love with a voice instantly until the first time I heard Ms.Yunalis Mat Zara’ai, aka Yuna.

Yuna is a Malyasian singer-songwriter, pop vocalist, and guitarist. Sometimes you can also catch her on the ukulele as I did once when I saw her perform live at the 77th Annual Stern Grove Festival in San Francisco.

The first track I ever heard was “I Want You Back” and I was blessed to have this song be played on the company’s CD when I was working retail at the time.

This track is a beautifully crafted song that not only shows the range of her voice, but also the fluidity of productions she sings over.

The latest album released by Yuna had features from big names in the industry such as Usher and Jhené Aiko.

Other tracks that truly stick out would be “Coffee“, “Broke Her“, “Falling“, “Places To Go(produced by DJ Premier)”, “Lullabies“, “Someone Who Can” and “Come As You Are“.

Yuna has three full international albums and two international EPs. Also she has five Malaysian albums all of which was released in the time span between 2008 to 2016.