AbrahamBlue. is an artist that, like Tom Misch, I discovered during a difficult time in my life.

I mentioned in the Misch blogpost of that one summer I was completely on couch-rest recovering from a torn ACL and Meniscus in my right knee. As I laid on my couch from the beginning to almost end of summer 2015, I had time to dig on Soundcloud for new artists I had yet to discover. AbrahamBlue. was one of the few from that year who’s music I came across and have not stopped listening to; probably because it is great ‘recovery’ music.

During that time, I did majority of my daily recreational therapy while listening to the “rough sketches” produced by Abraham. His music can be categorized as soul, rnb and electronic. Even though the number of released tracks he has is in the single digits range, his ratings are through-the-roof for a beginner artist.

AbrahamBlue. is a 21-year-old vocalist and producer from Antwerp, Belgium. His music is prevalent in America and recognized in the electronic dance scene within smaller clubs and venues.

Get lost in his music…