Nicotine’s Famous Honey

Nicotine’s Famous Honey has a sound consisting of funk, soul, rnb, hip hop, jazz and spoken word.

When I stumbled on this trio I could tell that their music was unique based on the disparate origin and style. Nicotine is a Texas based singer now living Brooklyn, NY. Ian Olney and Hunter Lewis, also known as Herrick And Hooley, drive the instrumentations of this soulful trio.

Nicotine’s Famous Honey released their first official album earlier this year in January. I was introduced to their music because of a friend. Surprisingly, once I did more digging I realized that I came across Herrick And Hooley’s music a while back because of another friend. To see where they are at now with Nicotine’s vocal guidance, I am excited to see how their sound will evolve over the years.

Glad to be here in the beginning of this trio’s journey. Walk with me as we take soulful stroll with their music: