Common Souls

To fill up this empty space with tranquility, as you read this post I would suggest playing Common Souls’s EP Pyramid Lake:

Common Souls won the John Lennon Song of the Year songwriting contest in 2015 for their song “Arizona”.

This band or duo consists of Nick Velez and Ryan Yoo from UCLA. They consider their music to be “sad electronic songs” but they are “happy dudes tho” (according to their Facebook).

The first time I heard “Arizona” I was captured in the wave of their sound. After I continued down their list of music. I appreciated the track “Roots//Habit” but once I saw the live version on YouTube, there was no turning back on how impressed I was with this novice duo.

This electronic, soul, rnb pair has just begun. With only one EP and a few singles, I am excited to see where there music will be in the next few years.

Here is the hook, line and sinker: