Funk duo Mayer Hawthorne and Jake Uno are not your typical ‘Bruno Mars’ take on funk. Their sound is pure and pays homage to what used to be.

Not to hate on Bruno, but you have not heard modern funk until you have jammed out to Tuxedo. Their first album in 2015 exploded and led them to tour the world. I was so eager to see them live that in the midst of my recovery from surgery and being on crutches, I still went! Subjectively, they are the epitome of funk in today’s world,

Mayer Hawthorne is a class artist that I have mentioned in my last blogpost. Jake Uno or Jake One also known as Jacob Dutton is an amazing producer who has worked with so many greats of hip hop like Snoop Dogg, Chance the Rapper, De La Soul, 50 Cent, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar etc. Both are artists who know how to bring back a Motown vibe to the industry.

When the two join forces they start a rhythm of movement that is uneasy to shake off. They know how to sample the right beats from past hits, but put their own spin on it. They have officially released two albums and many singles/mixes.

I would recommend checking out their discography in chronological order. Start back to 2015 and enjoy the funky ride: