Mayer Hawthorne

When you can associate an artist and their music to a multitude of space in emotion and memory, how can you not think they are so great?

Andrew Mayer Cohen, aka Mayer Hawthorne easily falls into my top 5 list all time of favorite artists. Certain tracks of his has been around major points in my life and that is why I revere his artistry. When I traveled abroad for the first time, lost my grandpa to old age, picked up my first record, got close to one of my best friends, and broke up with my first girlfriend, I had Mayer Hawthorne playing in the background.

His music is purely timeless. My first record purchased in store: “A Strange Arrangement” – was Mayer Hawthorne’s first record. The modern album consists of different pieces that could honestly be dated back to the 80s. The argument here is that they are not from that time because the album released in 2009. It simply does not stop there: he released about four solo albums, three collaborative albums, and a whole bunch of singles and mixes. All of which are great pieces to his massive discography.

Mayer Hawthorne is a soul, pop, funk, rnb, jazz, and sometimes considered hip hop artist. I would highly recommend going through his timeline of music in chronological order. Here is a cool launch pad to get you started: