Tom Misch

Tom Misch from London, England is one of the few artists I reserve space for in my heart.

I was able to catch this amazing artist perform in Paris, summer of 2016 when I studied abroad. During the program, we had weekends free and on the first weekend in Paris I decided to go on my first solo adventure across the beautiful city of lights. Prior to this abroad trip I had planned many things I wanted to do; this was one of them. Once I found out that Tom Misch was performing at the Palais de Tokyo, blocks away from the Tour Eiffel, I knew I had to buy a ticket and go.

That night I took the Metro and RER from my dormitory, about a 30 min ride across the city to this show. I was able to not only meet and dance with the nightlife of Paris, people my age, but also got to see Tom Misch’s sister Laura(an amazing saxophone player) and another great artist I have heard him collaborate with, Carmody!

Tom Misch is important to me because one summer before studying abroad I discovered his music. I was on couch rest from the first day of vacation(summer 2015) all the way to the almost end of it before school kicked in. Everyday I listened to his profoundly unique sound as I did my recreational therapy. His music inspired me to get better and continue to stretch myself from the partial MCL and complete ACL tear in my right knee I had due to basketball.

I was able to recover thanks to his music and coincidentally the following summer God blessed me with an opportunity not only to travel outside the country for the first time, but also to see him perform the songs I memorized LIVE.

Tom Misch is an amazing songwriter, producer, guitarist, DJ and singer who has impacted my life in a time of immense struggle and a time of bliss. He’s influenced by soul and hip hop greats like J Dilla, Slum Village and The Pharcyde.


I highly recommend you check out his music here. I started with the Out to Sea EP, but you can honestly start anywhere; guaranteed you will find something you would like.