Dropping the Needle

The time that reads on my desktop clock is 11:23:48 AM.

The space I currently inhabit is the foyer of Dwight Bentel Hall at San Jose State University.

The sound filtering into my ears: Frank Ocean “At Your Best (You Are Love)” a cover of The Isley Brothers and the late Aaliyah – may her beautiful soul continue to rest in paradise.

The world we live in today is drowned in a turbulence of sounds. It becomes a necessity for most of us to replace this static with music that can overshadow the waves that aimlessly flow around our temple.

This space and time is devoted as an eclectic outlet of sounds that flow under the radar. Music that is pristine and rising into the world. You may catch songs and artists whom you have heard about, but I guarantee you that most of the music revealed here is something raw to your usual tastebuds.

Groove along with me as we open our minds and ears to sounds of the future.